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How does your company benefit from Sirpi’s Automated Reporting Dashboards?
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Saves Time

Traditionally, it takes about 2 hours of an employee’s time per system to prepare a report. Repeating so, for ‘n’ number of systems every week eats up around 300-600 hours every month. Sirpi’s Automated Reporting helps save their valuable time by generating well-structured reports within seconds. With just a few clicks, you can extract your reports along with deep analytics and insights.

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Saves Human Efforts

With the number of hours for generating reports highly reduced, considerable reduction in human efforts also takes place which can rather be invested and channelised in other important tasks.

Increases Productivity

One can always look for enhanced productivity when one learns to invest his human, time and money resources into effective places. The rich analytics which the dashboard provides will enable you to dig deeper into your business’ operations and take well-informed decisions to facilitate further growth of your company.

No Expertise Required

In order to operate the dashboard and extract reports, no technical or domain expertise is required. Any person, with any skill-set can handle it with just a few clicks and extract information from it as per the requirements.

Error-free Reports

While preparing reports manually, the chances of making an error are very high which can make your business cost heavily. Automated Reporting generates apt reports with minimal or no errors at all.

Saves Money

Reduction in human efforts needed to prepare reports, in turn, help you save on your overall costs.

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