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SirpiBot- Whatsapp Chatbot

SirpiBot, a Whatsapp-enabled chatbot service leverages the power of the largest messaging app along with our expertise to build you a chatbot, specially tailored to your requirements, that helps enhance your customer engagement in a more conversational & tech-driven setting.

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Why SirpiBot?

Extensive Customization

Dynamic and Extensive customization options along with added collaterals like flowcharts, audios, videos etc.

Higher Reach

Facilitating Higher Reach by making use of the 2 billion Whatsapp messenger users globally. Sirpi’s Conversational setup lets you connect with almost all your customers round the clock.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Enhanced customer experience by communicating with images, videos, audios and gifs using WhatsApp bot on Conversational AI Platform.

Analytics and Visualization 

Analytics and Visualization in the form of highly customizable & interactive web-enabled dashboards that go beyond numbers and text.

Organize and Inventorize

Organize and Inventorize your clientele's requests and needs.

High level decision making at Administrator and User level

Equip yourself with advanced analytical tools to derive in-depth insights about your client’s behavior at both administrator and user level.

SirpiBot Use Cases

  • Manage reservations & take orders

  • Promote Deals & Offers

  • Food recommendations

  • Connect with  your customers better

  • Payment through Chatbot

  • Feedback Collection

Food Service
  • ​Lead Generation

  • Lead Qualification

  • Lead Engagement campaigns

  • Student Retention & Relationship Management

  • Admission Application Process 

  • Student Support Services/ FAQ’s

  • Timetable updates 

  • Feedback Collection

  • Customer Support & Service

  • Account opening process

  • Credit Card purchase

  • Bill Payment

  • Money transfer

  • Lead Generation

  • Make orders/re-orders

  • Track Shipping

  • Offers & Deals

  • Feedback collection

  • Customer Service

  • Symptom assessment 

  • Booking appointments

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Update on Lab Reports

  • Daily Health Tips to patient

  • Address FAQ’s

  • Medicine reminders

  • Payment integration

  • Feedback Collection


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