Wealth Yatra

How much does it cost to be financially independent in retirement? Turn your what-ifs into a personal plan by using our financial independence tool. See how your investment choices today may improve your retirement life tomorrow and how market risk may affect your investment plan.

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 Callscope is a web application that monitors your dropbox folder for addition of audio files, triggers a speech to text transcription, and gets you actionable insights.

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Dragnpi brings to you Dragnpi MathClubs - small groups of children who get together to tinker with problems, visualise numbers and expand their mathematical universe! 

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Pune AQM

 A live streaming exploratory visualisation webapp of air quality for pune smart city to monitor pollution and also download analytics data.


Use Sirpi Watchdog to report any misconduct or undesirable conditions that you've witnessed or been a victim of in a street or locality. The whole idea is to mark an area if it is unsafe to travel at night for women and children. The misconduct could be eve-teasing, abuse, physical violence, robbery and some of the
undesirable conditions could be a street with low light or if it is deserted

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