Founder & CEO

Dr. Anand Lakshmanan

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Dr. Anand Lakshmanan, founder of SIRPI, is a university gold medalist from Pondicherry University, India graduating with a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He has a rich corporate experience, working at Cognizant Technologies and Apple, USA & as an Instrumentation Specialist and Researcher at the Center for Brain Imaging. He has published or co-published several papers and holds 7 patents. He has travelled widely and has worked in manufacturing factories and assembly lines analyzing and visualizing wireless engineering data for antenna technology production and commercialization.

Our Advisors

Dr. Kasthuri Kannan


Dr. P D Deepalakshmi

Advisor (Lifesciences)

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Dr. Kasthuri Kannan, Ph.D., works as Assistant Professor & Director at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Texas.He has more than 10 years of experience in data science and analytics. He is actively advising and collaborating with several scientists and physician-scientists, translating data science findings into clinical care.

Deepalakshmi PD is a consultant in Mass Spectrometry and Hyphenated Techniques. She has around 20 yrs experience in various fields of Mass

Spectrometry, that includes proteomics, metabolomics, native mass spectrometry, biopharma applications, bottom-upend and top-down sequencing of peptides and proteins. 

Subbu Gomatinayagam

Client Services Advisor 

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Subbu Gomatinayagam leads Business Development in the U.S. He is responsible for establishing, growing and nurturing client relationships. He has nearly 13 years of experience doing data analysis to solve various business problems in Financial Services.