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Data Science Using R

Looking for a mentored approach to learning data science?

Taught by Dr. Anand Lakshmanan (Ph.D.), an Ex-Apple engineer with 18 years of experience across academia and industry in India and the US, the course includes live lectures, hands-on coding, live debugging, case study discussions, assignments, projects and 1-1 coaching sessions  to clear all your doubts at no extra cost.

This course serves as a foundation to understand data modelling, prediction, and machine learning.

  • Session 1: Introduction to Data Science and Visualization
    Data science and decision making R Studio fundamentals Make your own 1-variable plots, 2-variable plots and 3-variable plots Introduction to tidyverse
  • Session 2: Analysis Fundamentals and the Grammar of Graphics
    Exploratory data analysis and data transformations Types of plots and choosing the best plot for your data Themes and plot customizations
  • Session 3: Data Management and Forensic Analysis
    Grouping and summarise data Visualising statistical summaries from raw data Time series analysis and outlier detection strategies Case study ​
  • Session 4: Data Tidying and Wrangling
    Joining data from multiple sources Visualizing raw data and handling missing values Data tidying Case study
About the instructor

Dr. Anand Lakshmanan
Founder & CEO - SIRPI

Dr. Anand Lakshmanan has helped academic institutions and corporations deep dive into their data and make better decisions. He has 17+ years experience in academia and industry. He has designed experiments and analyzed data in areas across domains.

Most recently he worked at Apple in Cupertino, California as an Antenna Design Engineer for 6 years. He has published or co-published several papers and holds 7 patents. He believes that all scientists and professionals need to be data-savvy to make decisions and persuade actions.


"Anand is a fantastic teacher and does not waste any time to get you started and even takes significant efforts to have one on one time if you get stuck or have some doubts. I am glad I took the course as it drastically reduced my learning time. Coming from a non-programming background, I now feel very comfortable analyzing and visualizing data in R."

Sumit Bhutada

    (Post Doctoral Associate, Kent State University,Ohio)

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