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Day 1 (Preparation and Prerequisites)

  • Introduction, agenda and learning objectives 

  • No story vs. bad story vs. good story

  • Visualization classics & effectiveness in conveying the stories and context

  • Mental maps

  • What do executive decision makers expect? 

  • Elements of storytelling 

  • Human psychology : Attention and Persuasion

  • Importance of context, preparing the audience & taking them on a journey

Day 2 (Theory and Demos)

  • Introduction to Data

  • Types of data : Numeric, Character, Binary, Timestamps, Images, Audio and Video

  • Introduction to Tidy Data :  A powerful concept for enabling business decisions

  • Fundamentals of aesthetics (e.g. color theory, shapes, sizes) and geometric elements (e.g. lines, text, spatial highlighting)

  • Contextual annotations

  • Choosing the right plot for the data at hand: chart examples like histograms, bar-charts etc to alluvial charts, infographics and animations

  • Data summaries

  • How to build stories powered by data and visualizations?

  • Building context sensitive custom visualizations

Day 3 (Case Studies)

  • Identifying and improving the quality of data visualizations : Stand-out effect

  • Key to achieving the stand out effect : Raw data

  • Case Activity: Identifying and presenting financial fraud from the given sample datasets

  • Case Activity: Each group will be given a set of charts. Groups have to identify specific improvements in the charts based on the principles discussed in the workshop so far.

  • Case Examples: Examples of story bridges along with the do's and don’ts : a simple phone call update, 1-page report, online streaming summary, visual dashboard, exploratory dashboard, interactive explorations, insight to action & executive decision support 

  • Notes on Facts, Perception and Cognitive biases

Day 4 (Summary and Suggestions)

  • Softwares for data storytelling : Point and click software vs. programming software for data visualizations

  • Importance of  creating a workflow

  • How to address ambiguity and uncertainty?

  • Revisiting the workshop message

  • Mindset and expectations of the stakeholders : Technical vs Business, Short Attention Span vs Long Attention Span

  • ‘Connecting the dots’ message from Steve Jobs

  • Revisiting what executives expect

Data Storytelling
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