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Summer Camp this April:

Summer is here and so is the most engaging Math summer camp you will find in Bangalore! brings to you Dragnpi MathClubs - small groups of children who get together to tinker with problems, visualise numbers and expand their mathematical universe! 


For too long now, math has been taught in a one dimensional manner - a boring concoction of equations and methods which hardly inspires children to explore the possibilities and uses of mathematics.


This is what we are going to change at Dragnπ - give children plenty of opportunity to expand the realm of their problem solving ability, using a range of activities and games where the level of engagement is sky high. 


From January to March of this year, Dragnpi held 'taster sessions' with grade 6 children and we were delighted with the feedback we received - the children were excited to come back every week and they all thoroughly enjoyed their time with us.


We are now ready to open this out to children of grades 1 - 6. The summer camp will begin on 1 April and last 3 weeks. Each week we will conduct 4 sessions, so the camp will last for a total of 12 sessions. Groups are intentionally small so as to give every child the opportunity to interact with tutors and other children. 


The summer camp will have 3 groups:


Group 1 - children of Grade 1 and 2

Group 2 - children of Grade 3 and 4

Group 3 - children of Grade 5 and 6


We have only 8 spots in each group, so do register at the earliest. Those who sign up before 28th March are eligible for a Rs 500 discount on the total cost. 


See you on π side!!

A bit about Dragnπ

Dragnπ is probably going to revolutionize the way children see math and think about its possibilities.


Dragnπ seeks to give children of varying age groups a visual perspective to numbers - what does it look like when we change a variable? How does changing the numerator change what a fraction looks like? We believe that bridging the gap between numbers and how this relates to the real world is crucial to a well rounded mathematical education.


The Dragπ portal allows children to visualise and tinker with math problems and thereby allows them to learn concepts in a way that leads to understanding and intuition. For the longest time, children have solved equations and problems without really seeing or imagining the possibilities of math. Dragnπ helps children see the possibilities since every aspect of the platform allows them to observe what math looks like.

Dragnπ MathClubs 

Dragnπ MathClubs are clubs where children get together with knowledgeable tutors to work through problems at their own pace. The Dragnπ portal allow tutors to teach, whilst at the same time allowing children to practice problems and improve understanding by using an interactive visualisation tool.


As experienced educators, we realise that in any class, there are various levels. Our MathClubs cater to all levels and ensure that children gain mastery over basic topics before moving on to more advanced topics.


Our first MathClub will be based in Indiranagar and will cater to 6th graders. MathClub will use the standard NCERT curriculum as the base and help children gain mastery over the topics. In this way, we hope to engage students fully, helping them master the curriculum while also broadening their minds to the immense possibilities that math has to offer. The key features of Dragnπ MathClubs are as follows:


1. Building understanding and gaining mastery using interactive visualizations

2. Coaching by expert math tutors

3. Practicing curriculum problems with a view to preparing for tests and exams 

If you have any questions, please email

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