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Chatbot Deployment: 5 things to remember!

With the new technological era being dominated by chatbots, leveraging them to pursue your business endeavours seems promising and fruitful. With a plethora of use cases & applications, the deployment journey should be well-mapped and in sync with your end business goals and aspirations. There are a few things to be kept in mind before embarking on your first chatbot journey or else chatbots will merely become another IT tool with a lot of potential but failing ROI. Here are five things one should take care of before deploying your business’ chatbot projects.

A continuous journey with high agility

In order to realize the true potential of the bot, chatbot deployment and regular performance enhancements should be considered as a continuous journey. Only when you treat this as a journey, will you start thinking about various other things required to make it successful. For instance, in order to keep a track of the ROI, user feedback and performance improvements, there should be a dedicated team of experts in place to keep analyzing the same on regular intervals.

Refrain from using multiple use-cases

Delivering information on-demand rather than flooding the user with multiple options is extremely vital in order to ensure a seamless customer experience. The limitation is not with the technology but it is with what customers can consume. Instead of including multiple use-cases that shall confuse the user and disrupt the very purpose of the bot, specific use-cases should be included in the planning stage for a smooth experience. Make sure that you do not swarm the landing page on a chatbot by providing too many options. Instead, depending on the lifecycle of the customer, the chatbot responses should be personalized.

Opting for the right methods for an enhanced user experience

Sidelining the conversational benefits that a chatbot offers, the right method to deliver customer experience should be chosen even it involves a slight deviation from the core concept of conversations. For example, multiple iterations of entries might take place with a user when he is not sure of his response to the chatbot. This might frustrate the customer when he is not aware of how many inputs are required by the bot. It might be good to provide simple prompts from which he could choose from. Also, chatbots might require a sequence of inputs from the customers to perform downstream tasks.

Integrations with internal or external systems

Unavailability of integrations is the most common reason for delays in chatbot deployments. Make sure that API’s or Database access to chatbot systems is available to ensure a smooth deployment. Any loose end could disrupt the functioning of your business which will, in turn, cost your human, time and money resources.

Syncing your bot with your brand identity

Bots have to be tailor-made to match your brand identity and tone. A one-size-fits all approach will not do justice to your business goals unless you clearly specify your expectations and requirements from the bot.

Wrapping up

It’s good to be ambitious about new business implementations and technological deployments but a carefully laid out plan should be put in place to ensure smooth functioning and successful deployment of your project. Whether it's your first chatbot project or not, Sirpi’s chatbot service, Sirpibot, handholds you through the entire process with utmost transparency, excellent customer service & support, availability and a limitless mindset.

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